Leading in the Right Direction!

Experienced Directional Drilling When and Where You Need Us!

Titan Directional Drilling consists of a group of experienced oilfield service personnel, a solid management team and the latest and most advanced equipment. We have completed numerous, highly successful projects throughout the United States.

Titan has new directional drilling technology that will help get your wells drilled faster. We are committed to working your project with the results you expect -- on-time and on-budget!

Titan Directional Drilling is available to meet your project needs wherever you need us and just as importantly - when you need us!


Titan Directional Drilling will provide a quality service by way of adequately maintained equipment set up specifically for the job at hand. Experienced personnel both on the rig and at the support level will provide a solid directional drilling service to the customer. Our focus is sticking to our core efforts so as to be able to deliver this specialized service to a small group of clientele. Our goal is to maintain the size of the company; therefore, adequately delivering our mission of specialized service - but as a result of past experience in the industry - maintaining a strong relationship with major vendors. This allows us access to the latest technology available allowing us to utilize our gained expertise and technology to a concentrated group of client's work projects!


Let us be your directional drilling answer!